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Cece Cube NFT centers the MetaCene NFTFi system. The more MetaCene players, the greater Cece’s rate of return. Inject Magic Value to expedite your yield period and unlock high-quality NFT assets that will benefit your MetaCene journey ahead.
Stake-to-Earn: Stake Cece Cube NFTs to earn SBT tMAK that can be exchanged for the governance token $MAK and claim mini-cube NFTs that are mystery box raffles.
Mystery Box Raffle: Keep staking Cece to keep earning tradable mini-cube NFTs. Burn mini-cubes to enter raffles that generate valuable in-game NFTs and more. The prize pool expands along MetaCene’s community growth.
DEX Liquidity Rewards: Upon the launch of the MetaCene NFT DEX, Cece Cube NFTs can enter the pool and make their holders liquidity providers who may receive trading fee rewards.
Co-Creation Privileges: Cece holders are the founding partners collaborating with the MetaCene team to build a vibrant NFTFi system. They are also the direct beneficiaries of MetaCene’s long-term ecosystem development.
Upon the melting glaciers, 2997 mysterious cubes appear in relics throughout the world at 29.9792458 degrees north latitude, attracting countless adventurers to investigate. Each cube is surrounded by an unknown metal substance, leaving only its upper right quarter exposed — a small cube reflecting dazzling light, seemingly rotating away from the big cube… Who will be the owners of these mysterious cubes? What kind of power will they gain? And where will they lead civilization?
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